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Guddi Plastcon is the most preferred company by leading OEM’s as a manufacturer of premium quality Multi-Port Valves for water and waste water conditioning equipments & Pool filters.

We have Multiport Valves in range of 3/4", 1", & 1 ½" port openings with Side Mount & Top Mount options. Multiport Valves can also be provided with inlet, outleat connection i.e. L to R & configurations. We also offer Dist & coll. systems along with Multiport Valves.

Engineering plastics with options for pressure rating of 4kg / cm² are used. The selection of material also depends on end use application.

  • Clear & non smudging Laser Inscription
  • Simple & smooth handling and an extremely quite operations
  • Optimal flow rates / pressure drop characteristics
  • Manual & easy adaptable for Automatic Controller
  • Top mount & Side Mount options
  • Available in 4 kg / cm² & 6 kg cm² working pressure ratings
  • Softeners with built in injectors ensuring uniform regeneration

Multiport Valves